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Getting Started Breeding Dairy Goats eBook

Getting Started Breeding Dairy Goats eBook

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Are you ready to start breeding your goats but are not sure where or how to start? 

Breeding can be a scary thing but this mini ebook will get you started off right. 

There are helpful instructions with photos to help you stop scratching your head in wonder! 

This is a convenient downloaded product so you can print and take this list out to the barn with you.


  1. Common terminology used when breeding goats. 
  2. The actual act of breeding and what all is involved. 
  3. Dates, times, and other basic things to know and consider before breeding.  

Disclaimer: In accordance with FDA guidelines, the information and products offered on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. I am not a medical professional. Before administering any hands-on care, treatment, or medications to your animals please contact a veterinarian first.

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.


• 13 page ebook that you can bring to the barn with you.
• A basic overview of what takes place before, during and after breeding.
• Helpful checklist of terms and times and guidelines.

A PDF eBook that you can read online or download and print with your home printer. Add it to your digital library and refer to it whenever you are ready to breed your goats.


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