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From Clove to Stove eBook

From Clove to Stove eBook

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How to grow a backyard full of amazing garlic year after year! 

There is nothing that warms up a kitchen quite so much as the smell of freshly cut garlic. As soon as you break open a head and cut into a clove it really does bring your senses alive.

And having a bounty of freshly grown garlic to turn to whenever you need some takes that sensation to a whole other level.

There simply is no comparison between garlic from a garden and garlic found in the grocery store. The smell, the look, the taste -everything is better, more vibrant, when grown in your own backyard.

There are pictures throughout the book to show you each step. You will also receive a garden plot map, garden plot record, and how to preserve garlic. 

This is a one-stop shop for all of the knowledge you need to grow garlic from home.

This is a downloaded product so you can print and add it to your home gardening library. 


  • How to grow garlic from home with ease.
  • How to hibernate garlic effectively each year. 
  • The easier way to harvest, dry, and cure your garlic. 

    This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.



    • A PDF eBook that you can download and print out to add to your gardening library.
    • A kindle Version so you can read online.
    • Mini-Course that will give you an overview of growing garlic.

    A PDF eBook that you can read online or download and print with your home printer. Use it to guide you as you plant, tend, and grow a bed full of amazing fresh garlic.


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