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Easy Container Vegetable Gardening

Easy Container Vegetable Gardening

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Now you can grow amazing and delicious veggies and herbs right outside your kitchen door! 

There is nothing quite as fresh produce growing in your own backyard. 

But if you don't have the room for a garden, what can you do? 

You can grow everything you love in containers you have lying around your home. Buckets, trash cans, planters, even bags. If it can hold dirt you can grow veggies in it! 

Get the help you need to set up your container garden and keep track of your layout with this amazing bundle. Soon you will have a pantry and freezer full of fresh organic and incredibly delicious food. 


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    • 50+ page planner that you can download and print out.
    • Use it to keep track of your gardening wins and losses so you setting up a planner for your back porch garden.
    • Mini-Course that will give you an overview of how to prep your containers, what size you need for different plants, and care to give throughout the growing season.

    This is a workbook and access to a video course that will walk you through each step for growing a gardening using containers right on your back porch


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