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Backyard Chicken Guide and Record Journal

Backyard Chicken Guide and Record Journal

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Everything You Need to Raise a Healthy and Happy Flock of Backyard Chickens!

31+ pages that give you everything you need to start and excel at raising backyard chickens. From coop setup, chicken care, record management and more! 

What you get:

You get the breakdown of each part of a coop, what it is, why your chickens need it, and the best way to DIY an option for your flock! 


You also get our record-keeping pages to track your entire flock so you can customize their care!


Planner pages for the daily upkeep of your chickens, mapping out projects for the coop and your entire flock! 

Relax, knowing you have a coop that will keep your chickens safe and your farm fresh eggs. 

This is a convenient downloaded product, so you can print and use it to DIY your coop, begin record keeping, and raise amazing chickens! 


  1. How to DIY nesting boxes to protect your daily eggs. 
  2. The importance of a roost and what size you need. 
  3. What care your chickens need each day, week, and month. 


  1. A grid page that you can use to plan out your new coop. 
  2. Real photos so you can see examples of roosts and boxes. 
  3. Journal pages, care calendar, income tracker pages, and more! 

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.



• A grid page that is perfect for planning out the layout of your new coop.
• Real photos so you can see examples of chicken roosts, nesting boxes.
• Journal pages, a care calendar, income tracker pages, and more!

This is a PDF bundle that you can download and print out with your home printer.


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