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Easy DIY Chicken Coop and Run

Easy DIY Chicken Coop and Run

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DIY a Chicken Coop and Run that is Perfect for Your Backyard Flock! 

More and more folks are adding fresh farm eggs to their backyards. Whether they live in the suburbs in on a few acres in the country. Having the food you love to eat right outside your back door is one of the reasons I love homesteading so much.

Raising healthy and happy chickens all starts with a solid and secure home. If you are not sure what you need inside your chicken coop, this course is for you. 

Get an easy approach to building a new coop or transforming an old shed into the perfect chicken house. 

This course will walk you through all the parts a good chicken coop and run needs to have.


  • What are roosts, and why they are an important part of a coop. 
  • How to DIY nesting boxes for your chickens. 
  • How to close up your bales at the end of the season. 

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.


• Walk throughs for how to create each part of a roost.
• Videos of chickens using each feature.
• Downloadable pages that you can use to ensure you have each part of a coop set up in the best way.

You get access to a workbook and full video course that will walk you through each step to setup a chicken coop and run that will help your flock thrive.


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